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If you're developing properties that need character art, whether it be for stories, animation, games or just plain ol' fun, I will digitally sketch your character(s) to help mold the world you've envisioned. I also do to fan art & redesigns! :thumbsup: B-) Commissions gallery:…


  The Young Thief by Tongman  The Wraith by Tongman Freedom's Fighters - Shellshock by Tongman  Dorian by Tongman
Redfox and Bluejay by Tongman Cat Scratch Beaver Lineup by Tongman 
Cat Scratch Beaver Lineup2 by Tongman
The Thri Kreen, the Dragonborn and the Shardmind by Tongman The Benders by Tongman
Good, Bad, Ugly by Tongman
The $80 base price per character excluding weapons, props and special effects will include sketched lines, flat colors and black shadows.


Tariff by Tongman Oni by Tongman

  Iskara and Taiva by Tongman Jaeth Character Sheet by Tongman 

Colonel Blood by Tongman
All character sheet prices depend on how you want me to draw each piece. You can choose between any combination of sketched lines, cleaned lines, flat colors, black shadows, cel shades, monochromatic, etc. Just do your best to communicate, and I'll do my best work something out that's fair for us both!


Paypal is what I primarily use but I'm also open to other methods of receiving payment. I never start working until I receive design descriptions & at least half-payment.

Of course, everyone's situations and properties are different, so if there are any specifics that need to be discussed or questions asked (art style, subject matter, etc), inquire via DA note so we can iron out the details. Now let's get that idea made! :peace:
Morning, you lovely people! Just wanted to inform everyone that I FINALLY published my Facebook page for the Rune comic which you can find here: and like & comment on everything. Yaaaaah!
AYO! Hope everyone's grinding away at their craft & making progress! I know it's been a long time, but I've been super busy with work at the office. Pretty much no time for personal work, but it's ok since it's a grind for the longrun. Rune is still slowly being fleshed out, and not a day goes by that it's not in my head. I know that's almost nil but projects on the scale of an indie comic is a huge commitment for me especially since it's my brainchild! I'm currently trying to re-prioritize (again) all the things that make Tong-go-round, and find a good balance!! So for now, I bid you all good luck. The next update, I promise, will blow your faces off!!

Been drawing & working.
Lots to post, no time to post it, but soon! It will happen.
Hope everyone's leveling up!

Commissions starting at $25 for characters in this style:… and $45 in this style:…

I am also open to selling original, traditional pieces as well! (That means snail-mailing you a drawing on paper!)

Note me with inquiries!

:peace: :D

A few of my homies are also open for commissions so hit them up for their flavors!
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