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Dynamic Tendencies WIP Sketches by Tongman Dynamic Tendencies WIP Sketches by Tongman
Sup everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been mad focused on the new job and move out to SoCal, and haven't left much room for anything else. But things are pretty amazing for me, despite the state of things politically. As I do with anyone, I wish my fellow countryfolk the best and to stay on the side of love in the face of hate. We need as much inspiration to love more than ever.
These sketches are for a collab piece with fellow artists in the studio as well as other studios. It's a much needed piece for me as I've shied away from personal art this past month and a half. More to come! I've already roughed two of these out and plan to tidy em up for the whole piece. Until next time, yall! :peace: & :heart:
RyuunosukeAkiyama Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016   Writer
I shall look forward to seeing this when it's completed. Also glad to hear life's been going well for you. I was feeling pretty optimistic until recent events took a nosedive, but I'm hoping something good might be in the future still.

Otherwise, keep on!

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